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Christís Home for Children (CHFC) has been in continuous operation since 1903. Children are placed in our residential program through county children and youth agencies. During their stay, they receive services based on the nationally recognized Teaching Family Model, which promotes individualized goals and treatment.

Our staff cares for children from birth to fifteen years of age who have experienced abuse, neglect, or abandonment in their family. Individualized treatment plans are designed to address the medical, educational, emotional, spiritual, and social needs of each child. These children are taught to believe in their future while dealing with the trauma of their past, and we desire to show them that God can cause good to come out of every circumstance.

Children who come to CHFC are placed in a home designed to provide relaxed, supportive, family-style living. Primary care givers, called Teaching Parents, live with the children and provide a nurturing, family setting based on biblical principles.

Christís Home is uniquely positioned to care for the needs of sibling groups thereby encouraging a commitment to the family unit. The children attend local public schools and participate in family-style activities such as meal preparation, age appropriate chores, day trips, church, community activities, and clubs.

The primary goal of the childrenís program at Christís Home is to reunite children with their families. Our program provides for routine visits of the children with their families and CHFC care givers interact with the family to communicate the needs of each child and how to meet them. When circumstances prohibit children from returning to their parents, Christís Home participates in finding a permanent home for the children.

The program is designed to teach the children appropriate behavior through the instruction and personal example of the Teaching Parents. The Christís Home community works together to reinforce the message of Godís love for them and to provide a model of normal family living.

The Campus in Paradise, Lancaster County PA was an 11 acre estate donated to us in 1935

Teaching Parents receive the necessary skills to minister to the childrenís needs through pre-service and annual training designed by the Teaching Family Association.

The residential child care program incorporates quality therapeutic services that support the children and their families such as: individual, group, and family therapy services, as well as art and play therapy.

"We want to see children cared for, families repaired, and lives changed"
Richard F. Smyth, Executive Director

Contributions from individuals, churches, businesses and civic organizations supplement the fees received for contracted services. Funding is also received from foundations, investments, and planned gifts such as wills, trusts, and annuities. Additional information is available by calling Development Office personnel at 717.687.9424 or 215.956.1885.



Christís Home is a 501(c)3 private, non-profit, Christian organization providing short-term residential services to children who are generally from Southeastern and Central Pennsylvania. Service facilities are located in Warminster (Bucks County) and Paradise (Lancaster County).

For more information, or to arrange a personal tour, please call:

Warminster: (215) 956-2260
Paradise: (717) 687-6072

The official registration statement and financial information of Christís Home may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.

Photos of children in residence are not used to protect their privacy.

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